Mechanical Bull/Surfer

Have you ever ridden a bull or gone surfing? If not, this is your chance and it’s as close as you’ll get to the real deal! Our mechanical bull is an awesome ride run by our trained operators that adjust the speed for riders of all levels. It challenges each individual by bucking and spinning at various speeds, and also times the individual on how long they can ride. In addition, we have an interchangeable surfboard if your prefer to surf. This ride has a soft American flag inflatable around it. So, if you fall off, you can pop back up, hop back on, and keep bucking or surfing as long as you want! Anyone 3+ years old can enjoy the experience of mechanical bull riding and surfing regardless of ability.

  • Height – 8′
  • Width – 16‘
  • Length – 16‘
  • Blowers – (1) 1 HP