Obstacle Courses

Mega Extreme

This is our longest three-piece obstacle course. It’s an experience must have! All  pieces hook together to stretch out to 72’ long! You’ll start off maneuvering yourself through several obstacles and then squirm yourself through the tunnels. After that, climb up the huge 14’ rock wall climb, and finally experience the breathtaking ride back down the amazing quick slide. Try to beat your opponent through the obstacle course and you’ll have a blast!

Wacky Jr.

This wacky colored junior obstacle is perfectly designed for little challengers. It features a series of climbing walls, slides, and a squeeze play. 


This popular obstacle course features a series of climbing walls, squeeze plays, slides, and tunnels.  

Wild One Jr.

Experience the thrills and excitement of the Wild One Jr. Rollercoaster. Race through the tunnel crawls, squeeze plays, tire runs, climbing walls, tackle dummies, and slides. This unit is perfectly sized for indoor and backyard use.

Chaos Obstacle Course

This is a 3-piece 180-degree obstacle challenge so the racers will enter and exit on the same side. Two opponents compete through a series of squeeze plays, climbing walls, slides, and more. 

Little Monster

This inflatable obstacle course is ideal for Family Entertainment Centers, corporate events, or backyard parties. The Monster Obstacle Course inflatable play structure has a round front-loading obstacle entrance, taking participants through maneuvering pop-ups, over climbs, and down the slides for exciting race from start to finish. The inflatable Monster Obstacle Course then ends with a photo-finish pair of tunnels

Leaps and Bounds

Have you ever seen wipeout and wanted to try the Big Balls game? Well, now is your chance! The Leaps & Bounds interactive course features a series of four giant inflatable balls which challengers must leap across to reach the other side!

50' Zip It Obstacle Course

Our 50′ Zip It Obstacle Course is an obstacle lovers dream come true. Enter the bulls eye and zip through the bumpers and mushrooms before climbing up the steps and down the slide. Zip through the gate and race down the taller slide to the finish line. Dual lanes allow the kids to race side by side.