Please call at least 12 hours before the event starts to cancel and you will not be charged. If you paid a deposit it will be refunded. Once we arrive and get equipment setup you’ll be charged the full amount.

All of our prices include travel, setup, takedown, and damage insurance.

You may choose for our employees to stay at the jobsite to operate the equipment for you, or have us drop the equipment off and show your party how to run it.

We require a 2-week minimum to cancel or reschedule birthday parties! Larger events are subject to cancellation fees stated in the contract or invoice.

Yes, we do need electricity. A regular 120-volt house outlet is what we need. We can plug up inside or outside the house. The outlet needs to be within 120 feet of the setup. If no electrical is available we can use a generator. Must be a 5000 watt generator or larger. If you don¹t have one, you can rent one from us for an additional charge. Call us about renting a generator.

Yes, we can set up on pavement. We prefer to set up on grass, and don’t worry: the inflatable will not kill your grass. If we set up on pavement we will not be able to stake our units down, and therefore will need to anchor or tie them down to something else. A level grassy area always works out better.

We use Microban to clean our equipment. Microban is a broad spectrum disinfectant proven effective against most bacteria, fungus and mildew odors caused by bacteria and germs. It truly is the best of both worlds – potent disinfecting properties with safe active ingredients.

Microban Disinfectant Spray is a true “professional strength” antimicrobial, nearly 10 times stronger than so-called “competitive” products, yet it is also a remarkably safe product. Its active ingredients are used pharmaceutically, medically and used for the post-harvest treatment of fruits and vegetables to protect against microbial damage during storage and distribution. You’ll even find these same ingredients in common antibacterial wipes.

For sizes, see the specification information under each unit’s information page.

Yes! However, if we set up inside a location, please measure to make sure the unit will fit.

Yes, you must remove shoes while playing on our equipment.

Keep safety in mind and use common sense. Try to let the same size kids jump together. Small kids in a group, and medium and larger kids in a group. Give them plenty of room to move. A reasonable number of jumpers at a time would be:

2 to 3 yr. olds — 12 jumpers

4 to 5 yr. olds — 10 jumpers

6 to 7 yr. olds — 8 jumpers

8 to 10 yr. olds — 6 jumpers

11 to 13 yr. olds — 4 jumpers

14 to 16 yr. olds — 4 jumpers

No, we do not do parties at our place of business. We deliver events and equipment to your location.