About Us

 We’ve been in business since 1994. We got in the business when inflatables were just starting to get popular. We feel because of this we have learned a lot about the industry over the years. This allows us to deliver the finished product we provide today. Things are always changing and we strive to stay on top of it to make sure you are getting the best entertainment for your events.  Experience has taught us what we need to transport, setup, and take down the products we offer safely and effectively. One major thing we’ve learned is the majority of our success comes from the employees we have. For that, we spend a lot of time with them for training and going over our company’s expectations. We have a policies and procedures handbook that all of our employee’s read, sign, and keep a copy of. It contains guidelines that outline the normal operations of equipment, customer service, job duties, etc. These are also covered in each meeting we have with our employees several times throughout the year. 

We offer a wide array of services from caricature artists, face painters, DJs, silent DJs, magicians, and jugglers. These types of services we subcontract out when needed. We have come to know them through a personal & business relationship. That has given us the knowledge of who is the best at their craft, punctuality, and does the best job overall. I believe this gives us an edge compared to just trying to find artists on your own through other means such as social media, ads, etc.  Services we provide ourselves are airbrush tattoos, inflatables, rock climbing walls, and mechanical bulls. Most all of our equipment is purchased new.

A lot of research is spent when buying our equipment to make sure we are offering the best, safest, and most dependable equipment for your entertainment. All of our equipment meets the latest standards set by Virginia and the Carolinas, including the new 701 Fire Retardant and UL-listed Fan Motors with GFIs. Most all of the inflatables we have are from the 4-5 companies in the USA that have more strict guidelines, especially in  regards to product quality. For instance, the vinyl meets the mercury and fire retardant standard, quality thread, baffling material, zippers, velcro, etc. Furthermore, our rock climbing wall and mechanical bull are highly respected by liability insurance companies.

Each piece of equipment is carefully examined before and after each event by a trained professional. We also do regular cleaning and maintenance such as new slide mats, tethers/anchors, rock wall cables, etc. We keep our equipment well taken care of not only for you, the customer, but to also meet specific guidelines for inspections that occur at community events.  

Most importantly, we feel what has kept us in business for so long is the generosity of our repeat customers. Ever since we’ve started the business, we’ve been doing events for many schools, churches, companies, and private parties throughout southwest Virginia and the surrounding areas. Please check out our References and “Where We’ve Beenpage to find out more.