This Sabretooth tiger is on the hunt and poised to pounce! This inflatable slide is an impressive 27′ in height with a climbing lane and a sliding lane. Slide down the back of the Sabretooth and right out his mouth past his huge fangs, but try not to get bitten! 

Wave Water Slide

This is a 19′ wet or dry slide that’s a must-have during those hot summer days. It features a waving slide and splash pool at the bottom. Catch some waves and book today! 

Front End Loader

This slide is good for all ages. Climb up the giant slide and enjoy the thrill ride down.

Double Front End Loader

The Double Front End Loader features two separate sliding lanes.  Climb up the middle and take your pick which slide lane you want to zip down. Great for kids of all ages.


Take a deep breath and prepare to scream as you begin your descent down our Screamer slide!

Pump It Up Slide

You may recognize this slide from the indoor inflatable center called “Pump It Up”. Well you can have the pump it up slide come to you at your next event (indoors or outdoors). This 14′ slide is great for the younger kids.

Big Wide Slide

This 16′ Inflatbale Slide is small enough for almost any backyard. When you need a slide for the young ones, this unit works great

Disney Wet/Dry Slide

This Disney Backyard slide brings magic and fairy dust to your next get together. The ensemble of Disney stars takes their places on the fantastic art panels, including Tarzan, Cruella, Pooh and the gang, Lilo and Stitch, Pocahontas, and more. Ariel and Genie make appearances on the archway, and Mickey and Minnie can are waving goodbye at the back end of this adorable wet/dry slide. High-visibility mesh around all sides allows parents and spectators to view the delightful play. 

Big Surf Water Slide

Similar to our popular Wave Wet/Dry Slide, this slide has some island charm! This unit has 1 slide lane with a wavy surface. The climbing lane features X-TRA Grip climb covers that reduce slips and help keep kids safe!