Popcorn Machine

Want some popcorn with the inflatable movie screen? Or just have a craving for some good popcorn? Well, you can have it with our easy-to-make popcorn machine.  Our popcorn comes in pre-mixed packets containing coconut oil, seasoning, and popcorn kernels.  It’s simple and easy, all you do is open and pour it into the kettle and it does the rest!  We’ll even set it up and show you how to use it before your event starts!  

Cotton Candy Machine

Fluff up your day with a pink vanilla or blue raspberry cotton candy treat! It’s easy to make. We set up and supply everything (machine, floss sugar, sticks, etc.)  You simply add the floss sugar in the machine, cut it on, and twirl the stick around on the inside of the machine while the cotton candy starts forming.  Make it however big or small you’d like.  If you rent the machine to run on your own, we ask that you please rinse out the cotton candy tub after you’re done using it.  This only takes a few seconds since the sugar dissolves quickly.  We ask this because once the leftover cotton candy dries inside the bowl, it becomes a hard sticky mess to get out. 

Snow Cone Machine

Try our refreshing snow cones on a hot day.  This “cool” machine will shave ice for you.  All you have to do is pour a bag of ice in the machine, press down the handle, and it does the rest.  When done, scoop out and top with all the flavors of the rainbow (strawberry, raspberry, grape, orange, lime, pineapple, and other exotic flavors).  We supply the flavors, cups, pumps, scoops, etc.  All you need to supply is the ice. For your information, a standard 10lb bag of ice will make 24-36 snow cones. We’ll even set it up and will show you how to use it before your event starts!